We provide your home with the intelligence to bring all the technology in your life together into one seamless whole.  Home or away, you’ll have precise control of what you’re heating, illuminating or powering. 


From a dedicated cinema room with individual seating, tiered platforms and a popcorn machine, to hidden screens that descend from the ceiling to transform your lounge into something more – there are many ways to enjoy an experience that far exceeds your local multiplex from the comfort of your own home.



Whether it’s elegant wall-mounted touch screens, handheld remotes or a custom phone app, our integrated system provides a single point of control, worldwide. Imagine – the lights dim, the blinds and curtains close, a huge cinema screen lowers from the ceiling and a hidden projector drops quietly into position, before turning on at a preset volume and displaying your favourite movies, all at the touch of a button. 



Your entire collection of TV shows, movies and music can be distributed to every single room from media servers, satellite receivers or your phone. Instantly available and accessed by a simple button, you’ll also improve the aesthetics of your home by removing all the black boxes or cupboards used to store them.


intelligent lighting

A complete lighting solution creates drama, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces. Control multiple lights with a single button, trigger illuminated pathways and integrate with security systems to record and playback weeks of real usage, or flash internal and external lights if the alarm sounds.



However we communicate online – be it by email, telephone and messaging or media services for streaming video and music – a sophisticated network will let you make the most of what’s on offer. We design systems that seamlessly link and deliver these services around the home with ease.



Highly important yet inexpensive, a well-designed and installed cable infrastructure will future proof your home. Copper cables handle today’s networks whereas fibre optics allow for greater data transfers and emerging technology. We always recommend hardwiring, as it’s more reliable and better performing than wireless alternatives.

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security aNd access control

From CCTV and intruder alarms to perimeter detection systems and gate access, our state-of-the-art systems ensure there is a discreet but powerful level of security in place to alert homeowners in the event of an unwanted visitor and provide complete peace of mind.

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blinds and window treatments

To accentuate natural light, you can open blinds, curtain track systems and skylight shutters at a set time in the morning and close them before bedtime. As well as shade rooms during the day or give the impression of occupancy while you’re away. All from the palm of your hand or automated as part of a set schedule. 


heating and energy management

Energy efficiency is better for the environment and your household bills. A remote heating system will ensure that unoccupied rooms aren’t needlessly heated or turn the heating on before you arrive home. It will even learn your heating/cooling patterns, adapting the schedule to pre-empt your needs.