total integrated home - CHESHIRE


The brief for this project was for a fully connected and controlled family home but at a fixed budget of £100,000. There were 18 zones which required audio as well as 10 TV locations and lighting control throughout. We discussed the functionality that the client wanted in each of the areas and then put forward suggestions of how the budget was should be allocated across the home.

The client’s father had previously spent over double this amount on his lighting and audio visual system however the client wanted to know how close we could get to that functionality but within his given budget.

We felt that we would be able to provide a system that could match the more expensive project in functionality by making some carefully assessed compromises on certain equipment such as the projector, as well as combining the control of several rooms onto single touchpanels.


project overview

To ensure that we achieved the maximum functionality whilst keeping the costs down we looked at areas that could share a touchpanel or controller. The kitchen led into most of the other rooms on the ground floor so we located a single Crestron TPS-6X here and the RF range allowed for its use in any of these rooms. Similarly in the basement, the pool bar was the hub for the gym, sauna, steam room and spa areas so these controls were combined onto wall mounted TPS-6L. The cinema and main bedrooms had their own controllers but for the guest room and Study we used the CNX keypads to allow the user to cycle through the sources (which were identified via the CNX speaker) and alter the volume.

We used an Imerge Soundserver with 4 outputs to store and play the family’s CD collection and a DAB tuner for radio. There is also a Crestron iPod dock in the kitchen which could be accessed from any zone. 

The Crestron lighting system had 96 circuits and in addition to having control from the touchpanels and keypads, we also included PIR detectors the top and bottom of the stairs for automatic switching. When going to the basement these sensors trigger the LED’s in the pool and gym area as the large amount of glazing in the corridor gives an impressive view even if the person is only passing thorugh to the Cinema. This is timed to go off again after one minute unless any scenes have been manually selected.

We discussed HD video distribution systems but as the client had a fixed budget it appeared that too large a percentage of it would need to be allocated to a system that would do the property justice. This would then have come at the expense of some of the controllers or audio distribution. We recommended that it would be a much better idea to prewire for a distributed HD installation in future and use a combination of local HD sources and a standard definition distribution system.  The client opted to locate the video sources in the Cinema rack which provided SD around the house and HD in the cinema.

We installed a 5 camera CCTV system covering every side of the house but also an internal camera for the pool as a safety feature for the client’s children. These cameras were accessible form every TV and also via  remote access from any web interface from the clients iPhone and iPad.

We installed a wired gigabit network and several WAP points around the house for seamless wifi connection from every room and an 8 phone telephone exchange with door phone and integrated gate entry.

The home cinema was another area where we feel we brought maximum functionality and great value for money in our equipment selections. The entire room came in at under £10,000 and still made use of prestigious brands like Sim2 and Bowers & Wilkins.

The cinema was the location for the AV rack as the client wanted to be able to see the equipment behind a smoked glass door. Due to space limitations in this area we chose one of the Middle Atlantic AXS roll out racking systems which gave us full access to the rack for installation and maintenance.



client verdict

We were involved from the foundations being laid to the last light bulb being fitted and once the project was completed the client was so happy with the result that they said we could pass on their phone number to any future potential clients who were undecided as to which integrator to use.

We managed to come in slightly under budget and yet the client still felt that they had a system which exceeded their expectations and met or surpassed all of their requirements.

The client was also impressed with the structured wiring that we had in place for future upgrades such as high definition video distribution and we also returned after project completion to add additional CCTV cameras and Crestron iPad and iPhone control applications.

The client had received and declined many requests for photographs of the property including one from the council as they had been awarded best new build of 2010. They were however so happy with our work and customer service that the allowed us to take photos of the pool area, cinema and kitchen as well as the adjoining small family room. They did request that we not take any photos of the main part of the house or bedrooms which is why these are not documented in this submission.

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