Our brief was to help create a sustainable eco home across two oak buildings in a picturesque part of North Wales, whilst a complete renovation of the main house was taking place.  Although the whole development had to be aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to the surroundings, the client wanted a full compliment of AV and automation, which would then be extended to the main house in phase 2 of the development in 2015.

The property uses combinations of smart heating systems with weather compensation, automatic occupancy detection to shut down systems that are not is use and also lighting control with energy efficient LED’s to make this one of the most eco friendly homes around.


Project Overview:

The property is controlled by a Crestron 3 series control processor with each of the main areas having an in wall TSW-752 touch screen controller and a handheld MLX-3 wireless controller. There are also two iPad Airs and both of the clients have iPhones, which we just upgraded to an iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Each of these iOS devices has control over all of the areas and the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6’s have been a welcome improvement on the control interface due to the increased screen size.

There are two main TV zones. The bedroom has a low level TV in the beanbag area and the Gym has a custom-built media wall with recessed 65” Plasma display and 3 channel B&W speakers.

There are 6 main zones for the rest of the control items. Across these zones the Crestron control gives access to the audio server. HD Video distribution with Sky, Apple TV, HD IP CCTV and a Kaleidescape movie server, Heating, Lighting, Alarm system, CCTV, Weather information and Latest News

There is also a Lutron QS lighting control system with wired and wireless keypads controlling the LED lights across both properties.

The alarm panel PIR sensors are wired into the Lutron system along with standalone exterior PIR sensors. This information is passed onto the Crestron processor where we have created custom occupancy programming logic which will turn off all of the rooms equipment such as TV’s lights and amplification after a client specified amount of time. This is currently set to 30 minutes and means that all of the equipment is only using energy when actually in use. The PIR’s in use are incredibly sensitive meaning even the slightest movement will trigger them. The concern was that if the clients sat and watched a movie in the media room the system may shut off after the given time – thankfully after many test movies we ccoudl ensure this didn’t happen!

We also use this occupancy information to trigger the heating under certain conditions and also set the heating into holiday mode if there has been no movement at the property for a set number of days. 

In addition the automated heating control the Crestron system also gives access to the Heatmiser Neo multi-zone heating and hot water system. The client can set schedules and control each zone individually when in the home or from their phones anywhere in the world. 

The underfloor heating system uses an intelligent control system with external weather monitoring and weather compensation to improve its energy efficiency performance. This creates a variable temperature rather than a constant temperature within the underfloor heating circuit and has the twin advantages of greater energy efficiency and increased comfort levels.




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