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The property was another incredible family home by the Llama Group and Janey Butler interiors, spread over 12500 sq ft where the clients wanted to use the power and versatility of a Crestron system to integrate all of their media, security and lifestyle requirements.

We designed supplied and installed a complete Crestron system that gave them full control of their Audio, Video, Security, CCTV and Heating systems. We also upgraded their old Lutron lighting system to take advantage of the advances in control options and integration since the system was originally installed a decade earlier.

The project truly encompasses the ultimate integrated home with the perfect synergy of architectural /interior design and technology.


As with all integrated systems the users experience is not just down to the design and implementation of the right quality components but also the carefully considered user interface and remote configurations.

We use a unified user interface on all of the homeowners iPhones, iPads and the on wall Crestron touchpanels with a single user interface that gives the user access to everything in the system. In addition to the touchscreen controllers, all of the rooms with TV’s have their own handheld remotes which provides tactile control over the video or audio sources and the lighting.

We installed a 4K Crestron Digital Media video distribution system to give all 12 of the homes TV's access to their centrally located Sky boxes, Apple TV's and Kaleidescape media server. This provided the family with all possible broadcast content as well as all of the popular streaming services. We also modulated the HD video signal for the gym so that we could tune in the displays on all of the Technogym equipment and they can use the built in screens if they wanted a more local option than the 75” TV on the wall.

For audio system there are 24 zones which all have access to the central Autonominc music server which allows the family to rip and play all of their CD content but more commonly now, their individual streaming services and Airplay from their Apple devices.

The lighting control is handled by a Lutron Homeworks QS system and uses conditional programming to give the homeownwer a single button on each keypad to provide /off control of the room which triggers either a day or night scene depending on the time of day. We have found that having a smart single button is a good way to transition clients from being used to a single on/off switch.

There are also Blinds and Curtains controlled from the Lutron system in the main living spaces, gym and master bedroom.

As with all of our projects we installed a network monitoring and management solution and power management system. This notifies us if any device ever goes offline and allows us to reboot the assorted equipment remotely before the homewowner ever knows there is an issue.

On the security and CCTV side of things we integrated with the Texecom alarm system to provide status and set/unset capabilities from the TSW panels. The main CCTV NVR view is also available on the screens via the DM video distribution.

We integrated the 22 zone heating and air conditioning system to allow for monitoring and control from the touchpanels and iOS devices. This was probably the most challenging aspect of the project and is detailed in the technical challenges section.

The automated 18m SkyFrame sliding doors from the main living space are controlled by the Lutron system to avoid the need for the ugly ‘dead mans switch’ in the room. We enabled this from a control position in the room and retained the ‘press and hold’ functionality so the user still has to be in view of the doors to adhere to the safety regulations. But now this can be done from a Lutron keypad with single engraved button pushes for ‘Skyframe Open’ and ‘Skyframe Close’

This property has a variety of Future Automation mechanisms to hide the larger TV’s and leave the clean and modern looks of the interior styling un-spoilt when not in use.

The clients already had a cinema room but as it was quite far away from the main living space they found that it didn’t get used as much as they would like. We wanted to bring them a better big screen experience than they had previously enjoyed but all in the convenience of their primary lounge, which is open plan to their kitchen and dining room and where they spend most of their time. We worked with Future Automation and a custom canvas maker to create a huge mechanism that opens two 2.5m square canvasses to reveal an 85” 4K TV. The canvasses were sent to an artist who the interior designer commissioned to create the impressive diptych painting that looks just as good when split either side of the TV or as a large landscape paining when the TV is off.

In the snug we used a Future Automation sliding panel system with custom Baltaup panels that match the kitchen units to hide a 75” screen.

In the attic apartment we used a Future Automation TV lift at the bottom of the bed to hide a 50” screen when not in use.



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