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The brief for this project was to provide a fully integrated home as part of a complete renovation and expansion of an existing property working with our partners at the Llama Group & Janey Butler Interiors, who designed and created this stylish contemporary home project.

The property was a family home and the clients wanted to harness the power and versatility of Crestron control to integrate all of their media, security and lifestyle requirements into a simple to understand and easy to use system.

With our close integration partner Ultamation, we created a world class system that was recognised with the ultimate accolade as the Global Integrated Home winner at the CEDIA 2018 awards. 


The client was renovating and expanding their family residence and wanted a complete building automation system, incorporating all AV, lighting, curtains/blinds, security, access, and climate to maximise the enjoyment of their home. Although they were keen to embrace technology, they were not experienced users and so wanted control to be simple and intuitive.

A Crestron CP3 processor provides the backbone to the home system; integrating all the different components while offering the programming versatility to enable the system to be tailored to the client's individual requirements. All the elements of the home are accessed through on-wall Crestron touch panels or through an iPhone/Pad app. There are also Crestron handheld controllers in the rooms containing TVs and Lutron keypads across the residence, for the lights and window treatments.

High on the agenda was a comprehensive AV system, to fulfil the needs of the family and, as they frequently entertained, to complement social events. A multiroom AV system has been created using a Creston DigitalMedia system for 4K video distribution and a 14-zone Crestron Sonnex system for sound. The family's media sources can be enjoyed throughout the property, both inside and out.  

For music there is a hard drive based media server which stores and plays the owner's music collection along with online streaming services and radio via TuneIn. The device also acts as an Apple Airplay receiver so that guests can connect their iPhone to play their own music. The house also possesses three Sky Q boxes, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire; offering a good range of viewing choices.

A combination of Bowers & Wilkins and Triad speakers produce high-quality sound in all the living areas, with the addition of soundbars wherever there is a TV for greater audio definition and atmosphere. The media room is based around an 85" 4K TV and surround sound whilst in the informal lounge there is a lift and swivel Future Automation TV lift which, at the touch of a button, raises the TV from a built-in bookcase and rotates it to a pre-defined angle.

We implemented a bespoke "room linking" feature so that when the owner is entertaining, they have the ability to group specific areas into one single zone, while simultaneously being able to control volume and equalisation in individual zones. This means, for example, that if the guests move rooms or choose to go outside, he can add or drop areas. Another inventive aspect of the system is a "follow me" button which enables music or video to seamlessly move between zones. 

The lighting scheme, which comprises 96 circuits, along with the curtains and blinds, are integrated through a Lutron HomeWorks QS System. For simplicity of use, each room has been programmed with a single on/off button which creates a pre-defined day or night scene, depending on the time of day.

Working closely with the client, we have been able to deliver a range of innovative lifestyle features. Selected rooms have been set-up with a "morning" scene whereby the blinds are raised twenty minutes before the alarm goes off and the lights gradually fade-up to coincide with the alarm sounding. Conversely, a sleep timer can be initiated which gradually fades down the lights, and TV or music volume, over the final ten minutes before the specified time.

At night-time, all the bedrooms have a "bedtime" button which will turn everything off except for other bedrooms and their en-suites. This function is also activated by a part-set of the integrated Texecom alarm system. Likewise, when the last person in the house leaves, they can turn everything off using a "house off" button, by the two main exits, or by setting the alarm. On arrival to an empty house, a "home" button or an alarm unset command triggers a lighting pathway to the kitchen area.

At sunset, the system automatically checks the lighting status in each room and, if they are on, triggers an "evening" scene for that area.  For energy efficiency, all the equipment and lighting in a room can be turned off if it is unoccupied for a specified period of time. Using the alarm system PIRs, each room has an agreed time allowance so, for example, a cloakroom might have 30 minutes whereas a TV room might be 3 hours.

Entry and security have also been improved with the introduction of home integration. A BPT access system has been fitted at the main gate which rings the Crestron panels to alert the occupants that there is a visitor. At this point, if audio is in use, the volume will be temporarily lowered and the video distribution system will pause and switch briefly to CCTV. The panels allow two-way communication and can be used to open or close the gate. If the panels are unanswered, the iOS devices will ring so that the family know they have a caller, even when they are not at home.

For peace of mind, the 16 CCTV streams can be viewed individually through the touch panels and Apple devices. Furthermore, as the Texecom alarm is fully integrated it can be operated through the GUI, to check status and set or unset, removing the need for additional alarm keypads on the walls.



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